About Us

The only program of its kind in Maine, Camp Susan Curtis provides a tuition-free, outdoor, residential learning experience exclusively for Maine boys and girls, ages 8 to 17, who qualify for USDA free or reduced lunch.  Removed from the stressors of economic hardship, campers learn the skills they need to succeed in school, in higher education and/or into the workplace. They feel safe, supported, accepted – allowing young people living with limitations to learn better in all environments, creating a permanent foundation for achievement and redefining their futures.

“Skills such as coping, dealing with disappointment and handling conflicts have improved. Also social interactions are more positive with less conflict. Getting along with others and reporting unsafe incidents has improved also. Better focus on academics and personal goals have been noticed also. Thank you!”
“CSC’s focus on assisting students with understanding the importance of their education has been significant and noticed by our school community. Please keep this up and know that CSC plays a big role in assisting many of our students to feel better about themselves and the important role of being responsible to themselves and certainly others….including their parents, teachers and their peers. 🙂 We thank you for all you do to assist our students to be the best they can be!” — Feedback received in 2014 from one of our school referral partners