If your child has been referred to Camp Susan Curtis for the summer of 2021, click here.

Tens of thousands of children across the State of Maine meet the financial criteria to attend Camp Susan Curtis.  With such a high demand for our programming, we must rely heavily on our community partners to determine which of the many potential Camp Susan Curtis program participants would most benefit from our summer programming in any given year.

If your child has attended Camp Susan Curtis before, they are considered a “returning camper” and, in most circumstances, are invited to return with priority over new program participants.  We encourage returning campers to participate for as many years as they are able.  Returning campers will receive registration information by email in January.

If your child is a returning camper and you have not received Registration Information, contact our administrative offices at 774-1552 or

If your child is interested in attending Camp Susan Curtis for the first time, please refer to the following eligibility requirements:
  • The child must be entering 4th-8th grade (5th grade for 2021).  On some occasions we may have spaces available for 9th-11th grade.
  • The child must qualify for Free or Reduced School Lunch under the USDA-established guidelines.
  • The application process begins with a MAINE school.  All campers are referred through school staff members in the state of Maine only.  Please contact your school counselor or social worker for more information.  Should you decide to contact Camp Susan Curtis for information, we will send you to the school as that is the very best place to start.  If your school is unfamiliar with Camp Susan Curtis, please have them contact us directly for information.
  • The child’s family must agree to support the child’s attendance by completing all necessary forms by the deadline, reviewing the Welcome Packet, transporting the child on the designated day, and picking up the child on the designated day.
  • Camp Susan Curtis cannot provide transportation for program participants in most instances.  We do have some areas where schools and local businesses are able to coordinate a bus, and we offer a return trip to several locations throughout the state.  In most cases, however, transportation is the responsibility of the family.