LEAD ME Program 2020

Like you, we are truly disappointed we couldn’t gather in person this year for our Annual Leadership Celebration.  While it’s difficult to re-create the experience of hearing directly from an alum about how their time as a camper changed their trajectory, we hope this inspiring content will deepen your connection to our mission and work.  We had planned to serve s’mores whoopie pies for dessert and take your taste buds to a campfire on Trout Lake.  With a little imagination, a crackling fire, and a bag of marshmallows, we think you can get there and look forward to having you join us for a virtual Camp Susan Curtis experience.  


CLICK HERE to read Ace’s story of resilience.

Mission panel video

Last summer we held a mission panel at Camp Susan Curtis as part of staff training.  We were honored to have Governor Curtis there, as well as board member Bob Stevens, and school referral partner, Lori Pacholski.  The following video highlights their mission moments.

Camper voices

Like you, we are worried about economically disadvantaged Maine children and their families.  During this time of increased financial hardship and social distancing, we are particularly concerned about children who are vulnerable to abuse and neglect and without their typical support system of friends, teachers, social workers, and camp staff.  More than ever, children need a safe, supportive environment where they can be kids and have fun, while building their confidence and coping skills.  We remain hopeful that Camp Susan Curtis can be that place of refuge and hope for our campers this summer.


With a gift to the Susan L. Curtis Foundation, you are helping to unlock the potential of economically disadvantaged Maine children.  With your support, you are giving them the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate outdoor recreational activity, make lasting social connections, develop foundational life skills, discover new activities and interests, and improve their ability to cope with life’s challenges; you are giving them hope about what their future could look like.  Thanks to you and your generosity, the future of a Camp Susan Curtis alum is bright!  Countless Camp Susan Curtis alums like Kennady have gone on to pursue their personal, educational, and professional goals.  In this way, your support is truly life changing. 

With persistence I was able to improve my grades and pass sophomore year.  My maturity gave me the skills I needed to start a school club.  These skills didn’t just appear. Someone planted them and helped them grow.  That someone was Camp Susan Curtis.”  

— Kennady

Our school referral partner at Paris Elementary School recently shared with us that she “believes wholeheartedly that Camp Susan Curtis can be the link for putting students on the right path to resiliency, self-confidence, and hope.” 

Will you help us put one more economically disadvantaged Maine child on that right path, by making a donation now?


We regret that we were not able to publicly recognize our community partners at the dinner for their compassion and generosity.  Please use this link to view a special thank you message from Foundation Trustee and Camp Susan Curtis Alum, Elyse Corbett.  Sponsors to date are also listed here in the event program.  Like our LinkedIn page to see how we are recognizing our sponsors’ commitment to community during this challenging time.

Our dinner is also an occasion to honor our award and scholarship recipients.  Please use this link to view a special congratulations message from Camp Susan Curtis Director, Terri Mulks.   

Governor Curtis Family Leadership Award: Chris and Heidi Darling

Community Partnership Award: Crooker Construction

Scott F. Hutchinson Scholarship Recipient: Kayleigh Getty